Interstate 29

I-29 Exit 133 Interchange Interchange Modification Study

The South Dakota Department of Transportation (SDDOT), in conjunction with the City of Brookings, is conducting an Interchange Modification Study of Exit 133 on Interstate 29. This interchange provides access to the U.S. Highway 14 Bypass.

Study Area Map

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Study Area Map


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Public Involvement


Public Meeting Open House

The DOT has held two public open house meetings for this project. These events were used to share project updates and receive feedback from the community. The first one was held in March 2023 and the second in November 2023. Below you can review the materials from both of these public open house meetings.

Meeting materials from the second Public Meeting that was held November 13, 2023

Meeting Boards

Meeting Handout

Meeting Presentation

Meeting materials from the first Public Meeting that was held March 30, 2023

Meeting Boards

Meeting Handout

Narrated Meeting Presentation

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